Milan City Marathon 2018



Milano City Marathon 2018




DATA EVENTO: 8 April, 2018


TIME: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


LOCATION: Milan, Italy




Event Description


The Milano City Marathon is a fantastic marathon race which generally takes place in the middle of the year. It was started fourteen years backs and every year it has become the habit of the residents of Milan to participate in the race. Milano City Marathon is the main organizer of the huge event and so far it has finished nine editions. The newer events included in the marathon series are half marathon and relay marathon event for beginners and less experienced runners. In the last few years, the event had record-breaking turnout and every year the number of participants is swelling.


The Milano City Marathon course would be very excellent and fascinating since Milan is known for some of the wonderful landscapes. The running track is coarse but fast and the participants do not face any traffic problems while running towards the finish line. Occasional shower facilities and drinking stations are provided for the runners and after the race many snacks and refreshments are served to them. The partakers will definitely enjoy the historic places dotted on the long marathon course along with some isolated landscapes.

The Milano City Marathon Registration is very easy and now with the advent of their official website the participants can fill the online form and pay the entry fee.


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Milano City Marathon Route


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