8 things to do in Milan


8 Things to do a Milan

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MILAN is a wonderfull city in Italy. Various interesting tourist attractions and many historic buildings standing and waiting for your visit. Wherever your destination, Milan will always offer the beauty of his city. In addition to shopping, many places in Milan which also presents a fun and exciting experience.


1. DUOMO of Milan

WHERE:  Piazza del Duomo - Metro Line M1 (red)


If you only have time to see one sight in Milan, this would be it. Milan's Duomo is, after all, the world's fourth largest, taking half a millennium to build. Begun in 1368, the breathtaking Gothic cathedral can hold 40,000 people; so even with peak season's crowds, this attraction will feel pretty empty. Although there's much to see, we highly suggest you 1) spend some time staring at the beautiful stained glass and 2) head to the roof for a walk among the buttresses, statues and pinnacles, plus a great view of the city below.

This cathedral has 135 towers and 3,200 statues that adorn the roof of the cathedral. You can use an elevator or climb the stairs to take a closer look of the roof and a great view the city below. Piazza del Duomo, the square where the cathedral is the center of the historic center of Milan. In this square there is also a statue of Vittorio Emanuele and housing Palazzo Reale, the Duomo Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

To the right of the Duomo, facing the façade of the cathedral, are the beautifully restored twin Arengario buildings, one of which houses the new Novecento art museum

2. GALLERY Vittorio Emanuele II

WHERE:  near Piazza del Duomo - Metro Line M1 (red)


This is another must-see even if you can't afford to buy.  Italian designers, from Prada to Gucci, line the steel-and-glass arcade of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. In layman's terms, this galleria -- built at the height of 19th-century belle époque -- is a glorified shopping mall, yet incredibly elegant.  Inside are shops, caffès, restaurants and even the über-luxurious Town House Galleria hotel.

Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II was built in 1867. This place has huge glass roof and the inside lined elegant shops, bars and restaurants. Inside this place there is also a mosaic with the symbol of the new cities of the united Italy. This gallery's name comes from the name of the first king of Italy.

You'll find the galleria off the Duomo metro stop, connecting the Piazza della Scala to the Piazza Duomo. Before you leave, remember to "step on the bull." Supposedly, turning your heel on a painting of a bull on the galleria's floor will bring you luck.

3. Teatro LA SCALA

WHERE:   Piazza della Scala - Metro Line M1 (red)


La Scala, is one of Italy's historic opera house. Attending an opera at La Scala is a peak experience for fans of opera, but you must book tickets in advance. La Scala Museum has a collection of musical instruments, drawings, sculptures and musicians you can see the auditorium of the box and backstage areas. The museum is open daily from 9:00 to 17:30 am local time. La Scala is famous tourist attractions in Milan, Italy.

In front of this beautifull theatre can be admired "Palazzo Marino" today where the are the offices of the Major of Milan.

4. Leonardo’s Last Supper & Santa Maria delle Grazie

WHERE:   Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie


One of the main reasons many people visit Milan is to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, Il Cenacolo. The (second) world famous fresco is located in the refectory of the monastery next to the Santa Maria delle Grazie, not far from city centre. But unless you have booked a ticket in advance, save yourself the trouble of going there as tickets are always sold out and cannot be bought on the spot (as I experienced myself). The best way to get in is to book one of the available city tours or guided visits, as these have pre-arranged tickets. Be aware that visitors are only allowed in for 15 minutes, in small groups. Afterwards (or before) don’t miss the church itself for its beautiful Renaissance architecture, frescoes and paintings.

5. Pinacoteca di Brera  &  an "aperitivo" in Brera Discrict

WHERE:   Brera Discrict - Metro Line M3 Lanza (green)


That's about Renaissance in Italy. It is not just Florence that has the famous Italian Renaissance paintings: Milan has two large collections as well. Near the Scala opera theatre you’ll find the Brera Discrict where you can find marvellous Pinacoteca that offers a large collection of works of the likes as Mantegna, Raphael, Piero della Francesca, Caravaggio, Bellini, Canaletto, Tintoretto and more.  That is call "Pinacoteca di Brera" and is located in a very trendy discrict near the city centre of Milan.

After this cultural visit, you can't miss a tipical aperitivo in this fashion discrict. You can find several trendy bar, where sit in a table drink, eat and plan the night in Milan.

6. SAN SIRO Stadium

WHERE:   San Siro Stadium - Metro Line M1 Lotto (red)


The rivalry between the two soccer clubs of Milan is amazing. Even non-footie fans cannot deny the strength of the atmosphere when both sets of supporters come together as their teams battle for bragging rights at the San Siro Stadium. Quite amazingly, both Milan teams (Internazionale (Inter) and AC Milan) share the 80,000 capacity stadium. I think it’s pretty ugly from the outside, but it more than makes up for it inside

You can also visit the San Siro Museum with all the legendary history of the two milanese club.

7. Museum National "Scienza e Tecnica"

WHERE:   Via San Vittore, 21 - Metro Line M3 Sant'Ambrogio (green)


This Museum was founded in 1953 and is the largest science and technology museum in Italy. Housed in an early 16th century Olivetan monastery, it was named after Leonardo da Vinci whose machines, sketches and influence can be found here in abundance.

The collection traces the key phases of Italy’s scientific and technological evolution. Educational activities are integrated through interactive labs (i.labs) to engage visitors in the discovery and exploration of science

8. Navigli & Colonne di San Lorenzo

WHERE:   Corso di Porta Genova - Metro Line M3 Porta Genova (green)


Navigli is one of the most romantic neighborhoods in Milan. Situated southwest of the city's historic center, the neighborhood is named for the navigli, canals that were once ubiquitous in this former port area.

The Navigli has long been one of the areas of Milan that’s less-than-beautiful, but in the last few years it’s become much more of a haven for artists (low rents tend to draw the artists and writers) so these days you can expect to find cute shops, small art galleries, and charming restaurants. This is also one neighborhood that’s well-known for its nightlife, so if it seems too quiet during daylight hours just come back after dark.

Is very near also to visit "Colonne di San Lorenzo" there you can find a lot of beautifull place to eat or have a drink in the heart of Milan.

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