Fiera Dell'Artigianato - EV


Fiera dell'Artigianato


WHEN:  2- 10 Dicembre 2020

WHERE:  Milano - RHO Fiera

Artigiano in fiera  is a unique event: a meeting point for learning and embracing the working traditions and cultures belonging to over one hundred countries, in a joyful atmosphere. A place where visitors can come into direct contact with the world of craftsmen and feel at home.

Those who experience this exhibition (even us the organizers who have been working at it for twenty years), have the impression that this fair means above all beauty, excitement and sharing. This makes it unique and different from all the others, because it represents the perfect combination between tradition and innovation. Every year, when organizing this event, we are always aware of being part of something amazing, which is conceived as such by everyone, both by visitors and exhibitors.

Craftsmen are the true protagonists. Their passion, intelligence and creativity are magnificent: they are able to bring to life the tradition of their own country turning it into something better, with new and attractive products which are also innovative, useful or tasty, if we consider the wine and food sector. Their genius is able to communicate to everybody the beauty which only an entirely handmade product can store and transmit to visitors. And this is what strikes the visitor: the positiveness of humanity in action. For this reason, Artigiano in Fiera is a unique and exciting experience. From this point of view, local institutions should be increasingly able to exploit micro-small artisan businesses, the real heritage of each region or country, especially in these times of economic downturn: the craftsmanship shows what true "globalization" is, i.e. rethinking one’s own product according to the consumers’ needs, never turning into "homologation", but enhancing the uniqueness of the area and its tradition.

Our commitment is to keep curiosity alive as well as the desire to be amazed and to be part of the destiny of all the craftsmen we meet. Until we keep this humanity vigilant, Artigiano in Fiera will always have the chance to offer something new. We defend craftsmanship, which focuses on men and their relations. This is the reason why our exhibition is not only a market phenomenon, but also cultural event since it conveys the human experience and poetic intuition which lay at the basis of all businesses.




Single ticket € 2.50 - valid for a 105 minute trip from the time it is validated. In Milan valid on ATM’s and Trenord’s urban network included suburban metro line.

Return ticket € 5.00 - valid for two 105 minute trips from the time it is validated on ATM’s and Trenord’s urban network included suburban metro line.

Day pass € 7.00 - valid from the time it is validated until the end of service for an unlimited number of trips on ATM’s and Trenord’s urban network included suburban metro line.


A4 Motorway Torino - Venezia, direction Torino, exit Pero-Fieramilano (before toll booth).

Tangenziale Ovest, direction north, Fieramilano exit.

From the A8/A9 Motorway, direction Milan, at the toll gate follow the A4 Torino, exit Pero-Fieramilano.

Strada Statale 33 del Sempione: continue past Pero and follow the signs for Fieramilano.


The price of car park is 3,00€/hour until 16,50€/day, special rate during the fair “L’Artigiano in Fiera".


The car parks managed by ATM are found in the vicinity of public transport routes.

Lampugnano and Molino Dorino

Over 3.500 parking spaces with price of 1,50€ until 5 hours, 2,00€ until 10 hours, 2,50€ until 15 hours, 4,00€ until 19 hours, 7,50€ until 24h.


Line S5 Treviglio-Varese stop RHO – FIERAMILANO.

Line S6 Treviglio-Novara stop RHO – FIERAMILANO.

Line S11 Chiasso - Rho (active in the days 9th-10th-11th december) stop RHO – FIERAMILANO.




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